You can access the stock market once you perform an IPO (Initial Public Offering). You will be able to buy shares of other companies and other companies will be able to buy your shares.

The value of shares is determined by the share value (what a coincidence!). If the share value (‘SV’) of a company is $200, one share is worth $200. If the share value is $550, one share will cost you $550.

And this is how you make money: Buy low, sell high. If you buy 10000 shares of a company when their share value was $1 and sell those shares when their share value is $1000, you paid $10000 and got $10,000,000 – that means you made $9,990,000 profit.

You don’t earn anything if someone else buys your shares.

You can buy 20k shares in a single company and 100k shares in total.

You can increase your own shares in the bonus section, it’ll cost you 300 points. However it’s not recommended to do that as there’s no benefit of having many shares to sell.

It’s quite hard and time consuming to earn a lot in the stock market and you will probably earn more if you buy planes with your money.