This is the most important thing in the game. No planes = no profit. For the profit-orientated players, it can be quite confusing to pick the correct planes as there are more than 400 planes. Here are some factors you should consider when buying planes;

Basics (PAX):

  • 1 Business Class seat (J-Class) takes the space of 2 Economy Class seats (Y-Class)

  • 1 First Class seat (F-Class) takes the space of 3 Economy Class Seats (Y-Class)

Basics (Cargo):

  • A plane with 100% large load configuration will have 70% of the original capacity (If the original capacity is 100,000lbs, 100% Large Load will have 70,000lbs capacity)

  • Large Load is more profitable than Heavy Load

  • Cargo demand is based on PAX demand: Large Load demand = Y-Class demand x 500; Heavy Load demand = J-Class demand x 1000.